Sight-restored Robin from Lincoln urges others not to put off eye surgery

A Lincoln man can now see better than he has done in years after eye specialists restored his vision.

When Robin Hall visited his optician and was told he had age-related cataracts in both eyes, it brought home to him the fact that without clinical intervention to remove the cataracts, his sight would deteriorate until it ultimately led to blindness.

So the 79-year-old made an appointment at the Newmedica ophthalmology clinic in Brigg, where they quickly arranged for him to have the cataracts removed.

He said: ‘Before I had the surgery, it was like looking through dirty glass. Now, I can count the number of legs on a money spider. Everything is so much clearer and more detailed.’

With his sight now as sharp as ever he’s urging other to not let nerves or indifference put them off having the surgery.

He added: ‘Over a number of years my vision just deteriorated, but the deterioration was so slow I didn’t really realise.

‘I have my eyes checked every two years and the cataracts were picked up then. Without regular eye tests such things can easily be missed, which is how people lose their sight, so I’d certainly urge people to have their eyes tested every couple of years, because it can make such a difference.

‘Also, because my vision is so clear, I’m fine for driving, so the surgery has enabled me to keep my independence, which is very important.’

Newmedica Brigg, based at Riverside Surgery, is owned and run by consultants Professor Bernard Chang, Mr Bataung Mokete, Mr Owen Stewart, Professor Richard Gale and Mr Edward Ridyard, as well as registered manager Helen Labrom.

The eyecare clinic works in partnership with the NHS to help drive down waiting times so that more patients receive high-quality eye care as quickly as possible. Patients can be referred by their optician or GP.

Helen said: ‘We are delighted that Mr Hall’s experience was such a positive one. His testimony shows that no-one needs to feel apprehensive about having treatment for their eyesight, and stories like his show the importance of being aware of your sight and seeking help if things aren’t right.’

As well as cataracts, the eyecare clinic offers treatments for conditions such as oculoplastic surgery, age-related macular degeneration, and YAG laser treatment which is used in instances of cataract surgery complications, and ocular hypertension.

In the future, Newmedica Brigg will offer its expertise and hospital-grade facilities to help train new NHS surgeons, ensuring the continuation of high-quality care for people across Lincolnshire. It also intends to expand the team, creating more local employment opportunities later this year.

For further information, go online at or call 01472 806806.s in recommending Newmedica to anyone.”

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