Who are Newmedica?

Newmedica provide a range of ophthalmology services across the country, on behalf of the NHS.
These services include:

  • Cataract surgery including pre- and post-operative assessment
  • Glaucoma treatment and monitoring
  • Oculoplastic and lacrimal surgeries
  • YAG laser capsulotomy and peripheral iridotomy
  • Medical retina services

Why choose Newmedica?

Our mission is to make eyecare better. Better for patients. Better for the NHS and those that fund healthcare. Better for our communities.

This means not only do we carry out safe and effective treatments – we also make sure that our appointments are as quick, easy and fuss-free as possible.

  • Patients are seen within 4 weeks for their first appointment, and then have their operation within 4 weeks
  • 1-stop appointments so patients can receive diagnosis and consultation during one appointment
  • Local consultant-led and delivered service
  • 99% overall satisfaction from patients (Newmedica customer satisfaction survey April 16 – Jan 17)
  • Wide range of conditions covered
  • The right specialist for your condition
  • Locally accessible service, see Locations
  • High-quality service

Inclusion criteria

If you’re suspected of having one of the following conditions, you meet the requirements for treatment within the Community Services delivered by Newmedica:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • General eye problems. Certain eye conditions do not fit into a particular service – a general ophthalmologist will fully assess your eyes to decide the best treatment for you.
  • Medical retina conditions, such as retinal blood vessel blockages and inflammation of the back of the eye (uveitis).

How to access the service

Simply make an appointment to see your GP or your optician, as long as you meet the qualifying criteria, your GP or optician will arrange for you to be referred to Newmedica.

Patient Policy

Download our Patient Policy, which outlines the rights of our patients, their relatives and carers, as well as what to expect from Newmedica in terms of access to services.

Dementia Friends

Newmedica is a Dementia Friends organisation. To find out more about this initiative, please visit dementiafriends.org.uk