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Our story

Newmedica, is one of the leading providers of NHS-funded ophthalmology services in England. We’ve been working with the NHS for the last 10 years to carry out a range of specialist eye care services – with no cost to our patients.

Our aim is to make these services easily accessible to everyone in the community, whenever they need it. So when you have problems with your eyes, you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Why choose Newmedica?

Short waiting times

Short waiting times

You can expect a first appointment after a couple of weeks, and we aim to treat patients within six weeks from their date of referral.

Outstanding clinical results

Outstanding results

Our consultants have specialist expertise and experience in their specific area of surgical care. So our delivery of care is consistently high, results are excellent, and complication rates are very low.

Our consultants

Outstanding clinical results

First-hand experience

We were founded by an ophthalmology patient and an eye surgeon – so we understand how our patients feel, and what we need to do to make your experience as easy as possible.



Carried out each year on behalf of the NHS.

5 star


We’re proud to have consistently high ratings from our patients on NHS.net


satisfaction rate

From the surveys our patients complete when they leave us.

How do I get referred?

You’ll most likely be diagnosed by your optician or GP. They’ll discuss all the treatment options and where you can have your treatment. Once you’ve taken the time to decide, they’ll make the arrangements for your referral.

How to refer?

Please follow your local protocol regarding referrals – we accept direct referrals by secure email, fax, OptoManager and post. Please call us on the number at the top of this page if you would like any further information about making a referral to Newmedica.

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