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What is Newmedica’s relationship with the NHS?

We’re proud to be an NHS Choice Provider, working in partnership with the NHS and local GPs and opticians to make sure our communities get the care they need to protect their sight – and to help take some pressure off busy waiting lists.

We provide NHS-funded ophthalmology services for the NHS. We are contracted by NHS CCG's, NHS Trusts and Foundations, and other providers of NHS-funded services.

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How does Newmedica work with local optometrists?

We work in partnership with community optometrists to deliver post-operative cataract appointments for patients in their local area, through our accredited Community partnership programme.

Optometry practices who join the Newmedica Community Partnership Programme can carry out post-operative cataract assessments as well as complete a full eye test after surgery and dispense any new prescriptions. To support the delivery of this clinical service in the community, we will pay the practice a professional fee for each post-surgery review completed.

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Will Newmedica impact on local Enhanced Optical Services (EOS) activity from optometry practices in my area?

No, where possible, Newmedica integrates its services with existing healthcare models already available in the local healthcare system. Services outside of this scope will continue to operate normally.

What governance is Newmedica subject to?

The Care Quality Commission and the terms of the NHS Standard Contract hold Newmedica to the same governance standards as any other NHS provider.

Are complication rates published?

The latest National Ophthalmology Audit (NOD) results shows our Post Capsular Rupture (PCR) is just 0.32% compared to the national average of 0.67%. That means patients at Newmedica are half as likely to experience PCR compared to the national average.

As well as excellent clinical outcomes and very low complication rates driven by the specialist care and expertise of our consultants as well as the lenses chosen, we’re proud to have consistently high ratings from our patients on We also have a 99% satisfaction rate from our patients from their post-treatment surveys.

Are there any services or patients you don’t deal with?

We are unable to help with the following:

  • Accident and Emergency ophthalmology
  • Patients under 18
  • Patients on a national cancer screening pathway or suspected of cancer diagnosis.

How do you deal with emergencies?

A clinical director is available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the unlikely event that an immediate review is required, we have full-time access to local eye emergency providers in each area.

What is the link between Specsavers and Newmedica?

Newmedica joined the Specsavers Group in 2016. It is a separate legal entity and ring-fenced from Specsavers. Newmedica ophthalmologists sit on the Newmedica board and help steer the direction of the company to ensure outstanding clinical care of patients.

Will Newmedica patient lists be open to Specsavers or any other commercial entity for direct marketing purposes?

No. The data held on your patients will not be accessible by any other company.

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