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  • What is Newmedica’s relationship with the NHS?

    We have been working in partnership with the NHS since 2007, helping local NHS trusts to care for and treat their patients in efficient ways. Newmedica is accredited by various CCGs to offer greater choice to patients.

    Our contracts cover outpatient consultations, diagnostic scans, cataract surgery, YAG laser treatments, treatment of eyelid conditions, treatment for glaucoma, general eye conditions, and medical retina services (excluding AMD).

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  • How does Newmedica work with local optometrists?

    We believe that patients should be able to access the best quality clinical eye care within their community. We recognise that the only way to do this is by creating multi-disciplinary teams that incorporate both optometry and ophthalmology. To this end, Newmedica supports and works with the whole community optometry sector.

    All referring community optometry practices, no matter how large or small, should have the opportunity to be accredited to provide delegated primary care services to their patients.

  • Where will post-cataract surgery care be referred?

    Confidentiality of patient information and continuity of patient care is a top priority of ours. If you refer a patient to Newmedica for a cataract operation, your patient will be returned to you within eight weeks with full reporting.

    The referring optometrist can then provide post-operative care and a fresh prescription with minimum stress to the patient. A fee of £43 per patient will be paid to the optical practice for post- operative care carried out by an appropriately qualified optometrist.

  • Will Newmedica impact on local Enhanced Optical Services (EOS) activity from optometry practices in my area?

    Wherever possible Newmedica dovetails with the existing healthcare models that are already provided in the local healthcare system for the services offered. Other services falling outside of this scope will continue as normal.

  • What governance is Newmedica subject to? Are complication rates published?

    Newmedica is subject to the same governance standards as any other NHS provider and held account by the Care Quality Commission and the terms of the NHS Standard Contract.

    Newmedica complication rates are reported to the CCGs and Trusts accordingly. It should be noted that our complication rates are lower than the national average.

    Newmedica services were inspected by the Care Quality Commission in 2017 who rated our services as good.

  • Are there any services or patients you don’t deal with?

    We are unable to assist with the following:

    • Accident and Emergency ophthalmology
    • Patients under 18
    • Patients on a national cancer screening pathway or suspected of cancer diagnosis.
  • How do you deal with emergencies?

    We deal with emergencies by having a 24/7 on-call service where a clinical director is available for telephone advice. In the rare circumstance where immediate review is needed, we have full-time access to the local eye emergency providers in each area.

  • What is the link between Specsavers and Newmedica?

    Newmedica joined the Specsavers Group in 2016. It is a separate legal entity and ring-fenced from Specsavers. Newmedica ophthalmologists sit on the Newmedica board and help steer the direction of the company to ensure outstanding clinical care of patients.

  • Will Newmedica patient lists be open to Specsavers or any other commercial entity for direct marketing purposes?

    No. The data held on your patients will not be accessible by any other company.