Life-changing Cataract Surgery at Gloucester Newmedica

A Newmedica patient has urged people with cataracts not to be nervous about the surgery – because it can change your life.

Joy, from Gloucester, underwent cataract surgery at Newmedica Gloucester because her sight was gradually deteriorating after being diagnosed with cataracts during a routine eye test.

Since undergoing surgery her sight has been transformed, and now she is sharing her experience in a bid to encourage others who need similar treatment to take the next step.  

She says: “I was just so over the moon after having the operation. It was absolutely incredible. The staff at the clinic treated me so wonderfully. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

“I must admit, I was quite fearful before the surgery, but it was painless and over so quickly, and the next day my sight was so good. I don’t need to wear glasses now except for reading, and I can drive without glasses.

“So I’d urge people never to be apprehensive of the surgery. There really is no need, and the difference it can make to your life is amazing.”

When Joy was first told she had cataracts, it didn’t cause her any major issues at the time, but she knew she would probably have to undergo treatment on her eyes at some point to rectify her vision.

Sure enough, as the months went by, her sight started to deteriorate and she was experiencing some issues, particularly with her right eye.

Joy recalls: “After first being diagnosed, it sometimes felt like there was a film over my eye, especially when I was watching television. 

“I know two people who had been to Newmedica before and they highly recommended them, so I was happy to be referred there for treatment. 

“Naturally, I was nervous at the prospect of undergoing surgery. It can be really daunting, especially when it relates to your eyes, as sight is so important. However, the team at Newmedica really put me at ease.

“From my very first consultation right through to the day of my surgery and my post-op appointment, they ensured I was well informed at every stage. They stayed in regular contact to tell me what to expect, which consultant I’d be seeing, and how my recovery would go. They explained everything very clearly, which really helped my nerves, and by the time it came to my operation, I felt much calmer about the whole experience. 

“The difference in my sight since undergoing surgery is unbelievable. I can’t praise the team at Newmedica highly enough for how brilliantly it has gone and for how well looked after they made me feel throughout the whole journey.

“I know it can be scary when you need any kind of treatment on your eyes, but I’d certainly encourage anyone who is thinking about it to go and speak to the team at Newmedica. I’m so glad I had this operation and would have no hesitations in recommending Newmedica to anyone.”

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