Queenie's story

Specialist staff have been praised for restoring the sight of a Somerset woman – and she’s urging others not to be apprehensive about the operation.

When Queenie Storey began experiencing cloudy patches in one of her eyes, she saw her local optician who explained that she was developing an age-related cataract.

Queenie, 75, then visited Weston General Hospital, before being referred for an appointment with sight-saving ophthalmology organisation Newmedica Bristol.

They quickly arranged for her to have the cataract removed, preventing the increase in vision loss that would ultimately have led to blindness in that eye.

Queenie and her husband live in Banwell and need to be able to drive to the nearest towns, and she also loves to sew and read, so having the operation was essential for her quality of life.

Queenie says:

I’d say to anyone with a cataract who is worried about the procedure, please don’t be. There’s no pain and you’ll be treated with the greatest respect and kindness by all the staff at this clinic. It’s all handled so well.

My husband has eye problems, so neither of us would’ve been able to drive, which would’ve been terrible because we live in the country and need to be able to get out in the car.

I felt very safe when I was at Newmedica. Everything was so well thought out and I had no fears about COVID.

Queenie said that she could see the improvement in her eyesight straight after the operation.

She adds: "I’m extremely happy with the great service I received. The whole process was so efficient, right from booking the consultant appointment."

"The consultant explained the whole procedure, including all the pros and cons, and it was very reassuring. As soon as the day after the operation, my vision had already improved."

"It has made such a life-changing difference to me, being able to read and drive again, and threading a needle is no longer a problem. I’m very happy."

The Newmedica Bristol eye clinic and surgical centre is based in Clifton Bristol which provides services for both NHS and private patients.

As well as cataract removal, its specialist staff provide YAG laser treatment, vitreo-retinal surgery, oculoplastic surgery, glaucoma and retinal treatment.

Anne Lees, Newmedica Bristol’s theatre manager at Newmedica Bristol, says: "We are so pleased that Mrs Storey’s experience was such a positive one. She has shown that no-one needs to feel apprehensive about having treatment for their eyesight.”

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