Tim's story

A Barnstaple man has set his sights on a bright future after specialist staff restored his vision.

When Tim Luscombe began experiencing cloudy patches in one of his eyes, he saw a Specsavers optician in Barnstaple who explained that he was developing an age-related cataract.

Tim, 74, made an appointment to be seen in one of our outpatient sight-saving ophthalmology Newmedica Bristol clinics, in order to have diagnostic testing, a further review by our optometrist and discuss their results with our ophthalmology consultant.

They quickly arranged for Tim to have the cataract removed, preventing the increase in vision loss that would ultimately have led to blindness in that eye.

Tim says

In 74 years I’ve never had any medical intervention, but in this instance my eyesight was deteriorating very quickly, so I got myself referred for the operation. I have to say, I felt very, very safe and had no worries about COVID.

I was nervous before having my cataract done, but when it was done I couldn’t believe how quick, straightforward and painless it was. When my wife drove me home I was able to read car number plates and now I no longer need glasses for long distance.

When I went to the optician after the operation, he couldn’t believe how good my sight was. Before, it was like someone has smeared Vaseline over my glasses. Now, it’s like I’ve gone from watching an old TV channel to an HD station.

Tim said that he would now urge anyone diagnosed with cataracts to have the operation straightaway.

He adds: "It’s made a big difference to my life and I couldn’t believe how quick it all was. The change is amazing and I now drive without glasses."

"I’d given up my season ticket at the Exeter Chiefs because I couldn’t see what was going on. My eyesight is great now, but I won’t be able to get my ticket back, which is frustrating."

"I do a lot of walking and watching wildlife on the Moors. Before my operation I bought new binoculars and thought they weren’t working properly, so I had them replaced – but now I’ve had my cataract removed, I can see that the binoculars are great."

"So people shouldn’t worry about this treatment. It really does improve your quality of life."’"

The Newmedica Bristol eye clinic and surgical centre is based in Clifton Bristol which provides services for both NHS and private patients.

As well as cataract removal, its specialist staff provide YAG laser treatment, vitreo-retinal surgery, oculoplastic surgery, glaucoma and retinal treatment.

Kelly Cavallo, Newmedica Bristol’s service manager, says: "‘"We are thrilled that Mr Luscombe’s experience was such a positive one. He is testimony that no-one needs to feel apprehensive about having treatment for their eyesight."

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