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Medical retina

Medical retina describes eye conditions that affect the sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the eye, known as the retina. Our clinics focus on assessing any medical retina conditions, or any other abnormalities found during an eye test, as well as providing any advice or recommendations for next steps.

OCT scanning

One of the ways we can assess retinal conditions is by using optical coherence tomography (OCT)
technology to scan the eyes.

This method of scanning is completely non-invasive – it doesn’t use any type of radiation, bright lights, or puffs of air – but uses a safe laser light source to create a structural image of the back of the eye.

OCT scans allow us to examine your eye in even greater detail and can help to identify the very early stages of more serious eye conditions, like age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma.

How do I get referred?

Your optician or GP will discuss the various treatment options available to you and where you can choose to have your treatment. You’ll be able to take the time to decide where you’d like to be treated, and your GP or optician will make the arrangements for your referral.

How to refer?

Please follow your local protocol regarding referrals – we accept direct referrals by secure email, fax, OptoManager and post. Please call us on the number at the top of this page if you would like any further information about making a referral to Newmedica.

  • BMI >40, weight >160kg and unable to transfer independently
  • Uncontrolled hypertension – persistent diastolic >100mmHg
  • MI or CVA within 3 months of surgery MRSA positive
  • Active exposed skin infection Indwelling defibrillators
  • Poorly controlled diabetes – BS >20

For optometrists
Send a letter to the patient’s GP with GOS18 requesting an onward referral via ERS.

For GPs and Referral Centres
Send a referral form to Newmedica with GOS18 by post or secure fax 020 7924 6262 or email to: 

Cataract and oculoplastic referrals will be assessed against local criteria.

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