Photographer’s sight is now picture perfect after undergoing eye surgery at Newmedica Hampshire

A HORSE racing photographer’s creative career is back on track after he had sight-saving surgery at a Hampshire eye clinic.

Sixty-five-year-old Clive Bennett regularly captures photos at horse racing and polo events as part of his professional career, but the onset of a cataract in his left eye was making the editing process more challenging.

After suffering from blurred vision for more than nine months and his sight getting progressively worse, Clive attended Newmedica’s new Whiteley-based clinic after tests showed that his cataracts had advanced.

Over time, cataracts become worse and can start to interfere with vision, and this blurred vision can lead to blindness if not treated.

Following his referral, Clive was seen quickly at the Hampshire eye clinic and had his surgery within just two weeks after his initial appointment.

Clive Bennett said: “I’m extremely grateful to the Newmedica team for how quickly they arranged my surgery following my referral. I didn’t realise how bad my cataracts had become and how much it was impacting me until after my surgery, and I believe I have lived with it much longer than I first thought.

“I found the Hampshire team friendly, informative and efficient, and had an extremely pleasant experience with them from start to finish. I understand it might feel quite scary for some to have surgery on their eye, but I’d recommend anyone with cataracts to get this sorted as early as they can as it will truly be worth it.”

Bhaskar Gupta, the consultant who carried out Clive’s surgery, said: “I’m delighted that we were able to arrange Clive’s operation so quickly, as his cataracts had significantly advanced and if left untreated, could have led to blindness in his left eye. We wish Clive all the best with his recovery and will be supporting him every step of the way.

“It’s been fantastic to open our new clinic in Hampshire, as it means we can help more patients in the local community who may need an eye operation or procedure. We have a fantastic clinic team on hand to provide their expertise and advice, and we look forward to helping more people in the future.”

Newmedica Hampshire officially opened its door in September, and in the past few months has already treated 500 people.

Newmedica is a leading provider of NHS funded and private Ophthalmology services, founded by a former eye patient and leading ophthalmologist. Newmedica is dedicated to transforming the patient experience and providing exceptional care, which includes using the best quality replacement cataracts lens available.

Further information about Newmedica Hampshire, based at Solent Business Park, is available at or by calling 01489 357465

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