St Andrew's House, 4400 Parkway, Solent Business Park, Whiteley, PO15 7FJ

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Ophthalmology services in Hampshire

The Newmedica Hampshire eye health clinic and surgical centre operates from St Andrew's House, 4400 Parkway, Solent Business Park and provides services for both NHS and private patients. The clinic is led by consultant ophthalmologists, Serafeim Antonakis, Bhaskar Gupta, Varajini Joganathan, Aby Jacobs alongside operational director, Chris Berry.

We cater for eye services across the region, including Hampshire, Southampton, Fareham, Portchester and the surrounding area.

Our clinic is open Monday to Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm

Quality care provided at convenience for you

Ophthalmology services from our Hampshire clinic offer personalised care, quality lenses, and short wait times.

For nearly 20 years, we've provided ophthalmology services and expert care to thousands of individuals across England. As industry leaders in ophthalmology, we know just what it takes to provide the right level of support to protect people’s sight, so they can get back to doing what they love.

5 reasons why we’re the right choice for you

Our clinics are owned and led by the consultant doctors who care for you. For them it’s personal. The whole team are dedicated to understanding your needs so they can provide you with the best possible experience and we know this also results in measurably better outcomes.

Our personalised patient care will make you feel comfortable and at ease. We’ll give you a warm welcome, hold your hand if you’re nervous and be there for you throughout your time with us.

Our short waiting times means you’ll have your first appointment within a couple of weeks, and we aim to complete treatment within eight weeks of your referral.

We choose to use the highest-quality lenses which means you’ll get the best clinical outcomes, including some that can reduce your dependence on glasses. Importantly, we’ll always give you a choice and explain the options.

State-of-the-art facilities with the latest equipment, and free parking ensure you can focus on you when you come to visit us.


Impressed by my initial appointment for cataract surgery. Staff efficient and friendly without being intrusive. They instilled complete confidence in me. Clean modern facility with up to date equipment.

Visited November 2023

Getting referred to Newmedica

If you think you have an eye condition, you should see your optician or GP for a detailed assessment. They’ll go through all the options available and tell you where you can have your treatment.

The referral process will differ slightly depending on whether you want to be an NHS or private patient. You’ll find all the information you need on our NHS and private patient pages.

NHS patients

Learn more about our NHS services
and how you can be referred.

Read more

Private patients

Find details about our private
options and how to get started.

Read more

Self-referring? Call 01489 357465

Meet our consultants

We offer patients access to leading consultants who are also partners in the business, meaning they’re directly involved in setting our high standards of care.

How our patients rate us

We’re proud to have consistently high ratings from our patients on NHS.co.uk and Google.


We are actively collecting and monitoring our reviews and feedback for Hampshire to ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer NHS treatment?

Yes, at Newmedica, we offer NHS-funded treatment, to all those people who live in England.

The NHS offers you the choice of where you’d like to receive your NHS-funded treatment from, so you can choose Newmedica for your eye-care services.

How do I get referred to Newmedica?

If your optician or GP suspects you have an eye condition, they’ll explain all available options and where you can receive care from. If you want to choose Newmedica, just let them know and they can manage the referral for you.

How can I refer a patient to Newmedica?

If you want to refer a patient to Newmedica, just follow the steps in our referral guide.

Hampshire Referral Guide

Do you offer private treatment?

Our range of private treatments and services are available for people who opt to cover the cost of their treatment cost of their treatment themselves or have covered by their private medical insurance.

If you are interested in receiving private treatment, please visit our private-patient webpage for more information.

Contact us

Phone us on 01489 357465 or email us at hampshire@newmedica.co.uk

How to get to us

By car

On the M27, take the exit at Junction 9 to the Solent Business Park. On Whiteley Way, take the third exit at the roundabout - Solent Business Park (parkway south). Continue on Parkway, take the first exit at the small roundabout. After 300 yards turn right into a smaller business park. We are the first building on the right. There is patient parking available onsite.

By bus

28 & 28A both stop on Whiteley Way, near the shopping centre, which a short 14-minute walk from the clinic. 28 & 28A also stop at The Solent Hotel, which is a 16-minute walk.

By train

Swanwick station is 2 miles and Fareham station is 5 miles from the clinic.

By free transport for those who need it

If you're having trouble getting to your appointment or surgery, we can help. We offer free transport for NHS cataract patients who need it.

We'll send a private hire vehicle to collect you from your home - early enough to make sure you arrive on time - and then take you back after. It's free of charge to you and to the NHS.

To book, you'll first need to check the eligibility criteria below, and then ask for the service when you book your appointment with us.

To be eligible for the free transport service you must:

1. Be attending Newmedica Hampshire for an appointment, or to receive treatment, for cataract surgery as an NHS patient

2. Have no alternative means of getting to your appointment or treatment, through family, friend, hospital transport, community transport or public transport

3. Live over 12 miles from Newmedica Hampshire

4. Be able to get yourself to and from, and in and out, of the supplied vehicle without assistance, or you're able to provide a carer or family member on the day of the transfer to support you getting to and from, and in and out, of the supplied vehicle.

We'll not be able to provide you with transport if any of the following apply:

1. You need to be transported to a location (including other hospitals) other than Newmedica Hampshire or your home

2. You require specialised equipment during the journey

3. You need to be closely monitored during the journey

4. You have a medical condition or have undergone major surgery (such as an organ transplant) where the potential side effects are likely to require assistance or monitoring during your journey

5. You have a medical condition or disability that could compromise your dignity or cause public concern in a private hire vehicle

6. You have a communicable disease with which travel on public transport or in a private hire vehicle is not advised

7. You have been clinically determined as at risk from using public transport due to being immunocompromised

8. You have cognitive/sensory impairment (such as dementia or some mental health illnesses)

9. You have significant motility/mobility impairment requiring specialised or adapted vehicles

10. You have safeguarding concerns in relation to travelling alone

11. You are unable to access existing free community transport options

12. The private hire company is unable to provide a vehicle due to a lack of available/suitable vehicles

This service is delivered at Newmedica Hampshire by Newmedica Hampshire Limited, a joint venture partnership company within the Newmedica Group. Newmedica Hampshire Limited is registered with the Care Quality Commission, provider number 1-15920765748

Directors: Mr Serafeim Antonakis, Consultant Ophthalmologist; Mr Bhaskar Gupta, Consultant Ophthalmologist; Ms Varajini Joganathan, Consultant Ophthalmologist; Mr Aby Jacob, Consultant Ophthalmologist; Mr Chris Berry Operational Director.